[VIRAL VIDEO] Wife, Ninong, Caught Cheating by Husband Inside a Hotel

Image captured from Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hClaQzzNg6k)

Marriage is a sacred vow between to people who decided to be each other’s forever. One of the reasons marriage is broken is when betrayal of trust happens. Most of the time, this involves third party. In the video below, a husband caught his wife doing it with another man inside a hotel room. The viral video is even spicier because of the fact that the man whom his wife is having an affair with – turns out to be one of their godfathers or “ninong” during their wedding. Watch it below!


The said video which was released in Youtube, received more than a million hits despite only running for just around a minute. Curious netizens have been sharing the video even if it was uploaded last week of February. Probably, this is due to the description of the video that the “ninong” is also married.

While a lot of netizens are feasting on the video, there were several commenters who would like to know the different causes of wrecked marriages. Some of the reasons provided by those who watched the video said it may be due to financial instability, lack of time and priorities and revenge.

Some netizens also said that physical attraction may be lost already so the tendency is to look for other people who can satisfy their desires. Watch it here:




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