Taho Vendor, Arrested for Selling Illegal Substances

Taho vendors are very popular in the Philippines. They have become staple joy bringers as they sell cheap merienda treat called the taho, or silkened tofu. Taho vendors or magtataho are the men carrying a couple of tin buckets where the taho ingredients are stored. They scoop the soy from their buckets and place them in disposable small cups, mix it with sago and sweetened vanilla to come up with a delicious treat.



These magtataho or taho vendors roam around local villages shouting “Tahoooo!” Upon hearing his voice, interested people who want to have a taste of his delectable dessert would come out of their houses. Most manong taho vendors are friendly and very reliable. They become our “suki” but that was not the case for this man who was caught doing something illegal in one of the provinces in the Philippines.

It seems that not all taho vendors can be trusted. In Cebu City, authorities sacked a taho vendor after he was caught in a buy bust operation, selling illegal substance – shabu.



The suspect was caught in the act when a police officer pretended to be a customer. The suspect handed the sachet of illegal substance to the officer right then and there.

According to the report from The News Journal, the taho vendor was surprised when the police office revealed that he is an agent. The said incident was docuemnted from Facebook post of the page ‘Cppo Consolacionmps.’ In the said post, the taho vendor, who was identified as the 41-year-old Gemini Alingawa sidelines selling of illegal substances while selling taho.

He was captured in one of the undercover jobs by the Consolacion Police Drug Enforcement Unit pretending to be an addict. Alingawa handed him a packet of sachet with the illegal substance inside. The entrapment operation happened in Sitio Katagusan, Barangay Casili. Here is the screen capture of the Facebook post:



The taho vendor cannot refuse when it was confirmed that he is pushing illegal substances. They immediately arrested him. Afterwards, they discovered that the said substances are placed inside their tin buckets. There is a secret compartment inside their container where the brown sugar syrup or sweetened vanilla is placed.

Many netizens were shocked upon seeing the post. How about you? Are you shocked that someone that seems harmless such as a taho vendor can do such things like that for the sake of earning more? Share us your thoughts!




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