Dream Jobs in Australia

In 2013, the Australian Government launched a competition called “Dream Jobs in Australia” with the aim of promoting tourism. Six jobs were up for grabs. The compensation package included $100,000 salary plus living costs. Find out how audaciously easy and exciting these jobs were.

Taste Master

        The taste master was tasked with eating his way around Western Australia sampling foods, beer and wine from different pubs, restaurants, eateries and breweries. As part of the job, the taste master also went to Australia’s coastlines to experience the taste of the freshest catch, especially lobsters. Uncovering the lusciousness of indigenous delicacies was also included in the job description.

Park Ranger

The Park Ranger’s job was to protect, preserve and promote Australia’s natural resources: the pristine beaches, astounding waterfalls, dinosaur fossils, plants and animals, and marine life.

Outback Adventurer

The main job of the outback adventurer was to discover the best adventures and experiences for locals and foreigners who wanted to have an exciting holiday in the wild. The winner would watched breathtaking sunsets slept under the stars, stayed in a bush camp, and tasted indigenous bush foods.

Lifestyle Photographer

The lifestyle photographer required a genuine passion for people: how they live, eat, drink and play. In other words, the winner of this job would have lived the high life in order to capture the latest trends in Australian fashion, foods, cars, and homes. The job included eating at posh pubs and cafes; experiencing hot air ballooning, skiing, surfing and even winemaking. The lifestyle photographer would have also attended several music , sports and arts festivals around Australia.

Chief Funster

        All the chief funster had to do was to prove that New South Wales is the most fun place in the world. The winner would have reviewed the numerous events and festivals around New South Wales.

Wildlife Caretaker

The wildlife caretaker was responsible for the care and upkeep of Kangaroo Island in South Australia. The winner was tasked to swim with the dolphins and sea lions, talk with the kangaroos, take care of the baby koalas and other exotic animals, and even played around with the whale sharks. The winner would have travelled around Australia by foot, boat, kayak and bicycle.

Tassie Devil Wrangler

        The winner of this job would have stayed in Tasmania and has also traveled around Australia, uncovering the excitement of being in the wild. The Tassie Devil Wrangler would have experienced white water rafting in the Franklin River, quad biking at Cradle Mountain, walking the Freycinet Peninsula, cruising Bruny and Tasman Islands, and sea kayaking the Southwest Wilderness. The tours included flying over wilderness, and enjoying tours through tall forests and caves.

Imagine clinching these dream jobs where all you have to do is to go on a holiday and get highly paid for it? The contest was launched through Facebook and the Best Jobs Website. So, make sure to be on the alert for the next round; who knows, you may be the next lucky winner.







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