Woman Found Mouse in Starbucks Coffee

A woman discovered that a mouse was floating inside her Starbucks Coffee cup. The girl named, Jessa, was already heading home when she noticed a solid part in her iced coffee. She was then stunned when she found it was actually a mouse floating inside the cup, along with the ice cubes. Here’s the full story:


Mouse in Starbucks Coffee

In her interview, she said she can’t keep but throw up when she realized that it was actually a mouse she found. Starbucks issued a statement that their top priority is the safety and sanitation in their workspace. Find out more details about the incident here:


According to some netizens, the girl may not be telling the truth. They say that if she ordered frappe, the mouse should have been crushed into pieces. There are some who thinks that the mice may be caught inside an ice cube.

OMG! Woman found mouse in Starbucks Coffee!

Posted by Elite Reads on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How about you? Do you think Jessa is telling the truth? Or, she’s just doing this as a desperate move to extort money from Starbucks.



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