Why Carrot Man Trended Online? Who is Jeyrick Sigmaton?


Who is Carrot Man became the trending topic on Twitter for two days. If you’re wondering about this trending topic, you will be surprised to find out that he’s the latest of the strangers which became a subject for a photographer. The photographer then released a series of shot for this guy who has undeniably good looks.


Who is Carrot Man? Why Carrot Man?

While he’s just a normal handsome guy, a lot of people were taken aback by the fact that he possesses good looks, but he’s actually a vegetable vendor. This is his job that’s why he’s called the carrot man.

If you’re wondering who this carrot man is, he’s actually a simple guy named Jeyrick Sigmaton, from the Mountain Province.

A photographer Edwina Bandong, posted still shots of this man carrying basket full of carrots in a farm in Mountain Province.

Who is Jeyrick Sigmaton?

According to Bandong, the one who uploaded the pictures of this young man, they were on their way to Sagada when she and her friends discovered this handsome man working hard for a carrot farm in his local community.

Jeyrick Sigmaton is actually a native Igorot from Bauko, Monamon Sur.

A lot of people were delighted to see him because of his very captivating looks! A lot of people wanted to see him in person. Many were also captured by his simplicity and the fact that he seems happy and contented despite working under the sun to sell carrots everyday.




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