WATCH: Cebu Pacific Supervisor, Beast Mode? This Rude Staff Shows Her Attitude!

Everyone wants to have a safe trip – one that is free from all the stress and hustle and bustle of the metro. Getaways are supposed to make you feel happy and rejuvenate your spirits. But, how can you do that if the universe conspires to give you bad spirits around?


According to Digao, he asked politely as his son lost his ID upon going to the airport. He also reported that a previous group of passengers did not show all their ID’s. The staff member shouted at them, Digao recalls: “Nagalit ang bastos na babae. So i said can we ask to speak with the manager, sumigaw ang babae AKO ANG SUPERVISOR DITO. Wala ka na ibang makausap.”

We’ve had a lot of horrible stories from NAIA but this specific staff member from Cebu Pacific didn’t pacify their customers, she instead went berserk and showed her attitude! Here’s an excerpt from Jojo Digao’s nightmare experience with Cebu Pacific, here:


As they didn’t want to pick a fight, they sat quietly and weighed their chances – either rebook or forfeit the ticketuntil the Cebu Pacific supervisor shouted at them: “HOY KUNG GUSTO NYO SUMAKAY, LUMAPIT KAYO SA AKIN.”


Instead of pushing through with the flight, they decided to let go of the flight rather than be maltreated by this arrogant ground crew. He then took a photo and video of the rude girl. She futher said: “AYAW NYO BA SUMAKAY? BAKIT HINDI KAYO NAKIUSAP NA SUMAKAY? Akin na telepono mo kasi kinuhanan mo ako ng photo. I said i already posted it. And i deleted it na.”

How about you guys? Did you experience something like this from a staff of Cebu Pacific? Share your experiences below!



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