University Students Caught Doing it in McDonald’s after Taking Too Long to Pee! So Funny!

These days, couples do it just about everywhere. There are those who were caught in ATM vestibules – those who were caught in the veranda of their newly-rented apartments in the real estate buildings of Los Angeles and New York. There were even couples who had done on top of a bridge and some really went on public causing phenomenal traffic jams. All of these situations will make you think badly about these couples but nothing beats this specific case of university students who did it in McDonald’s! Watch how they were busted, you will be laughing your heart out, click here:


In a McDonald’s store in Brooklyn, New York – a store manager was caught in a clip enraged nearby a comfort room.

The comfort room was visibly closed. Apparently, some of the customers were complaining because the CR was closed for over an hour because of there’s people inside it.

The store manager immediately went to the door, shouting if there’s someone inside. Nearby spectators told the store manager there’s a couple doing their thing inside and see how she reacted here:


She went full beast mode on trying to get them out there! It took her a while, but when it seemed like the cops are going already (and it also seems like the couple was done with their deed), the door suddenly clicked, and a couple went out,

What’s funny was the guy doesn’t have his shirt and shoes on. And the girl was acting all so innocent about the incident. Watch it out for yourself and share your comments!




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