No More Endo: Over 100,000 Contractual Workers to be Regularized! List of Companies Here!

No more endo. This is one of the promises that Duterte administration brought along with his campaign before he got elected by 16 million people to be the next president of the country. And true to his word, it seems like business owners will now be more forgiving about contractual workers. It has been reported that about 195 companies have volunteered to regularize their workers that were only contractual as before. For the full report and list of companies, check the photo below:


Around 100,000 contractual workers are said to benefit with the move that this government communicated with around 200 companies, abolishing contractual work in the country which Duterte believes takes a way the right of the Filipinos. Watch Duterte orders no more endo (VIDEO):


Reports close to Duterte said they have ordered and demanded large contracting companies that they will be revoking their permits to operate if they don’t regularize workers. Their operations will be shut down if it is proven that contractualization still exists in their company. They need to show proof that all workers are regularized within a given time.

Due to this, companies respond to the President’s order and now they will provide more opportunities for their trusted, loyal workers. This is definitely a huge step for the country. Watch the video here:


Being one of the progressive nations, the country needs more stability for its workers to ensure they won’t get out of the country just to find work abroad. Regularization minimizes low employee rate as well. How about you? What’s your take on this? Are you happy with this news? Share your comments below!



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