Mother Forces Baby to Get Tattoo (Disturbing Video)

Thousands of people were shocked to see a baby being forced by the mother to get a tattoo in what is considered to be a disturbing video causing outrage all over the globe. The clip was released two days ago featuring a mother restraining her months-old baby to have a tattoo. You will definitely cringe as the baby struggles and cries as the tattoo procedure was being performed. Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it here:


Mother Forces Baby to Get Tattoo

According to reports, the baby is seen crying as the needle is applied to his arm. The clip with the title Video Abuse Mother Giving Her Baby a Tattoo has gone viral already. According to reports from International Business Times, the mother and her baby are both from Cuba: “In it the unidentified woman, who appears to be in her 30s, can be seen pinning the child him to her chest while the tattoo artist completes the design. At one point, she is heard saying “mire, mire” – Spanish for “look” – as the child continues to scream in agony. It is believed that the controversial procedure took place in Havana, Cuba.”

Netizens can’t help but comment about the video. Most of those who witnessed it were really devastated and shocked with the mother’s actions. Find the clip here:


According to some of those who have watched the clip, the said activity may be related to something cultural. One of the netizens even noted that it may actually be part of a documentary: “It is actually part of a 45 minute UNICEF video on child trafficking. This is an incredibly common practice in countries where children are abducted and sold into the sex and drug trade. The practice of branding allows the child to be returned to their families in the event that they are resuced. Children are often taken before they are old enough to know common identifiers about themselves and before this practice would frequently end up in the Foster care system.”

However, searching some clips released by the UNICEF, we haven’t found anything that tackles this issue or anything that involves mother forces baby to get tattoo. How about you? What’s your thought about this clip?




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  1. I am disgusted that this can be allowed on a baby ..I have a tattoo myself and believe me its painful…something should be dun ..I dnt no how the tattoo artist an the mother can live with themselves ..I actually nearly vomited watchen this..infact I watched about four seconds of it an had to turn it off

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