Look at this Guy’s Hands, No Wonder this Girl Went Straight to Womens Rights Lawyer!

These days, perverts can be found just about anywhere but most of the time, they cannot be noticed that easily. They will do everything in their own pace and time so that they can relieve themselves with their pleasures and desires. Most of the time, women become the victim of these kinds of harassment. Not only do girls suffer from physical abuse, there are even those who suffer from verbal abuse, but remains silent due to fear and embarrassment. Most of the time, people will even blame them without even thinking men should be thought to respect women. Fortunately, there are those who have the guts to fight back. Such story happened to this girl, who probably is in talks with a womens rights lawyer, check it here:


In this clip, a woman from Taiwan was in a high speed train. She was wearing short skirts covering her legs with a scarf while she was sitting in the train. Moments after, a man was seated next to her and you can see him trying to touch her leg. This girl definitely needs a womens rights lawyer now!

Not to be kept silent, the girl named Kimibu, instantly noticed what the guy was doing and so she glanced at him and took photos as evidence. It was easier than she thought as the guy pretended to be asleep while he was doing his perverted act on her. The guy then found out that she was taking pictures of him so he grabbed his stuff and left. The police handled the incident once she reported it upon her arrival in Taipei.

Here’s the full video of the incident, check it here:


Sadly though, the police had a hard time searching for the pervert as he didn’t go to his assigned seat. Good thing, he was still identified and Mr. Liao, 26 years old, a masters degree student was caught in the CCTV intentionally swapping seats to do his perverted act. This is clearly acts of lasciviousness on his part and Kimibu is now talking with a womens rights lawyer to file a case against him.





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