Homo Priests in Vatican: Couple Caught Having a Date?

A video of two priests having a date at the basement dining room of Le Mani In Pasta has been circulating in social media recently. The said priests were deemed to be a couple having dinner at the trattoria in Central Rome. Find out more details about these homo priests in Vatican here:


Love wins? Homo priests caught on tape in Vatican – the couple was seen with their glossy eyes, staring at each other like lovers. The young couple were seen dating across a table for two smiling and blushing over their inside jokes. Watch how the homo priests in Vatican were caught in this video:


Homo Priests in Vatican

Clearly, there are no signs of holding hands or kissing. But, it can be seen that there’s love in their eyes and their gestures are for more than friends. These two may be wearing dark shirts along with their clerical collar bu they are exhibiting love and that’s what matters.

How about you? Do you agree with their affair? What are your thoughts about this issue? Share your comments below and let’s see if they are aligned with what others are thinking!




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