Couple Private Moment, Tags GF’s Daddy! His Reaction Will Make You Go Wild!

You won’t believe what this couple did, and you’ll never want to see how the father reacted upon seeing it! This couple, crazy as they can be, live streamed their private moment together. The Facebook Live feature definitely has its pros and cons and a lot of this couple’s friends were shocked when they found the couple doing it on Facebook Live. Watch the full video here:


Can you imagine how her dad reacted when the boyfriend tagged him to watch their private time together? In our lives, we probably did a lot of nasty things but nothing as dumb and stupid like this. This is definitely bordering on stupid and attention-grabbing. Can you figure out what’s the purpose of doing Facebook live and having s3x while it’s on? Watch the abomination that this couple did – this couple and their s3xy thing full video here:


What’s the purpose for this. Obviously, there’s no reason but they just need attention. Like it’s not enough the couple even tagged the daddy? Why?  As indicated by a report by ThugLifer, the couple “chose to utilize the family getaway home even after they were told no. While they were grinding away, they drank all the liquor in the spot and began broadcasting everything on Periscope.” The stream was then shared on Facebook and the young lady’s father was labeled to it.

These things should be kept private, right? What do you guys think? Share us your thoughts about it.




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