MUST-WATCH, ATENEO FANS! Lady Eagles Performance in #AteneoBonfire2017 Will Make You Cry!

Image captured from Fabilioh via Leo Lopez

With Jia Morado suddenly leaving the team, one can’t help but get emotional even if the video below was chill. On the other hand, the issue on Ateneo Lady Eagles fans ruining the bonfire and disappointing the Ateneo crowd is still trending, check out what it’s all about here.



Ateneo de Manila University recently held their annual bonfire last May 13th. For the first time ever, the Ateneo community opened its doors to the general public so that non-Atenean supporters can be part of the victory party. While its original intent is to celebrate the athletes’ accomplishments this year, several Ateneo students and alumni expressed their disappointment due to the disrespect that a lot of the non-Ateneo fans displayed during the event. For good vibes, just watch this video and you will be happy again:





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