PARENTS! Don’t Let Your Baby Lie Down while Drinking Milk

Parents invest everything to make sure that their family is in good state. However, there are times when parents do not know everything that would be right for their kids.


Parents must know about the stuff that can cost the life of their children. Parents wait for this moment all their life and one simple mistake can really result to something drastic. It requires a certain level of maturity and patience to ensure that their kids are brought up well and always healthy.

Taking care of a baby can really be a daunting task. When a baby cries, all the alarm sounds in your mind rings. Parents always need to be alert and awake to make sure that their babies are given the warmth and proper care. However, one wrong habit may actually cause the death of your child. What is it? Read the full story below:


When feeding them, babies need to be held with care; the head must be lifted in a semi-upright position. Why? To prevent what happened to the infant below.

A 14-day-old newborn was hospitalized at the Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, with Code Blue – and the cause of death? It is due to aspiration pneumonia. According to the health professional, the milk went directly inside the baby’s lungs and he got drowned with the milk.


The mother said they last fed the baby at 3 AM with milk formula. It seems that when he was fed, the baby was laying flat on the mother’s chest. It was only at around 9 AM when they found out that the baby was unresponsive. They went straight to Lourdes Hospital but they ignored them. At 12 NN, the baby was brought to Fatima with Code Blue – a life and death emergency situation. They drained the milk out of the baby’s lungs through intubation.

Parents! Please make sure to let your baby burp before sleeping. As this can happen to you as well.



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