OMG! 12-Year-Old Girl, Taken Advantage by Pedicab Driver

Image captured from Facebook

Pedicabs are one of the most efficient means of transportation in the Philippines – most of the drivers manning these pedicabs are male. They live a very tough life, considering they have to run and drive, whether it is sunny or rainy just to sustain the financial needs of their families. Add to that, they need to deal with the dirt and dust of the polluted metropolis.


While most pedicabs are reliable, it seems that you also need to be careful when dealing with some drivers as they are not to be trusted right away. One of the Facebook pages, Social Trends PH, released a series of photos when a 12-year-old was lying on a table, her mother crying, after she was allegedly taken advantage of by a pedicab driver.

According to the 12-year-old girl account, she was on her way to go to school at Tigbalabag Elementary School for enrolment when the pedicab driver assaulted her. The details of the said crime has yet to be verified but it is very apparent that the girl suffered a tragic and traumatic experience. Check out the photo above where her mother cried over her.




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