Marawi Soldier’s Promise to Girl, Broken: His Final Message – “Pagbalik ko, liligawan kita.”

Numerous stories of soldiers who passed away have circulated and this story of a 2nd Lieutenant due for promotion will break your heart. During the conflict, the said soldier was shot and eventually ended up lifeless. There is also an inspirational story of a group of soldiers who beat the odds and saved the life of their fellow. These men exhibit bravery and resilience, which ought to be an inspiration for us, who they serve.


Technical Sergeant Tap Dinglasan story is no different – his story will definitely give you the goosies. ABS-CBN correspondent Chiara Zambrano got something sweet from the valiant soldier’s final message is sweet and romantic, but now his promise was broken due to the siege – it was a farewell that moved a lot of Filipinos.

“Pagbalik ko liligawan kita.” Chiara Zambrano recalled how she heard TSG Dinglasan’s fateful final words he said softly and in jest. She then answered the sergeant that she heard him, so he chuckled – and the soldiers who saw the incident jeered as well. Zambrano then answered: “Bumalik ka muna nang buhay, saka tayo mag-usap.” Little did she know, TSG Dinglasan did not return alive. He lost his life when he and his colleagues took back Mapandi Bridge from the Maute group – the only marine to give up his life that day.
Zambrano’s farewell to TSG Dinglasan read: “Salamat sa serbisyo, Tap. Natuwa naman ako na kahit paano, lumusob ka sa laban nang nakatawa.”

It was definitely a remarkable farewell. Let the story be a reminder for all the sacrifices our soldiers have undergone just to serve our nation and protect our land.

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