OFFICIAL: Duterte Running for President because of Grace Poe Non-Disqualification

All roads lead to presidency. After all that was said and done, Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally revealed that he is officially running for president of the Philippines this coming 2016 elections. Although the filing of candidacy have already lapsed, a certain Martin Dino had filed under PDP-Laban, Duterte’s party. He had then withdrawn and asked Duterte to be his substitute candidate. Since then, people are waiting for Duterte’s confirmation and he finally did it in a phone interview, November 21. Check this:


Duterte revealed “Yes, I am running.” as he was in a party which was being hosted by his running mate, Alan Peter Cayetano. In the said event, he also told guests he had decided to run for president.

The Reason Behind Running for President


While he has genuine heart for public service, Duterte said that what triggered him to say Yes is the fact that Grace Poe may actually win the elections as she wasn’t disqualified to run.

Duterte said that the senate tribunal decision of not disqualifying Grace Poe turned everything around as he believes that Poe, as a foundling, is not a natural born citizen, which doesn’t give her the qualifications of seeking presidency. He said that the decision “cheapens the Constitution, the only thing that holds the country together.”

He further added that his family doesn’t want him to run, he isn’t super enthused of the idea and his age is also a factor for him not to run but he stated: “There are things in life that would move a man, a citizen, to do something even if he doesn’t enjoy it.”

Now, Duterte is in talks with PDP-Laban. He will be consulting Koko Pimentel “desired date for filing my certificate of candidacy.”

As for him, his formal declaration will be after he secured the blessing from PDP-Laban for which Mike Sueno, in Rappler said, “We will gladly give him our blessing.”




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