[VIDEO] Maute Group Member Cries after Getting Caught Spraying “I Love ISIS”

Image from Youtube

A Facebook user has uploaded two photos of what was depicted as a Maute group member crying for help after he was caught vandalizing a storefront gate in Marawi City, Mindanao. The said person was mauled by the locals after he vandalized the walls of a store with the phrase: “I Love ISIS.”


The Facebook post shows two photos, one is a man crying for help, begging for him to be freed by the locals. He was seen being held by military authorities in the photo. The other is the gate front, with “I Love ISIS” written all over it. According to reports, the person who posted the photos is part of the military or wife of the military. No source have been posted included in the post and seems to be taken from a low-end cellphone. The poster posted: “ISIS member” as caption, implying that it is one of the members of the Maute group which clashed the military forces last May 23. For more information, watch the video below:

We will update you once we have found out the source of the photos and if they are genuine.




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