SALUTE! Hero Soldier 1st Lt. Frederick Savellano Has Fallen; The Leader Who Found the P80-million Maute Stronghold

Our soldiers sacrifice every day of their life, training for battle. They sacrifice their time from family just so they can defend us from those who want to bring terror and disrupt peace around the country.


The Marawi siege has definitely created terror not only in the city, but also at the entire Mindanao region. Of course, people from around the country are affected by this as well. As of the moment, forty-five soldiers have fallen and one of them is 1st Lt. Frederick Savellano. And his story will definitely make you cry. Each soldier sent to the Marawi siege fend for themselves, but most of all, fight for the lives of the Filipino people.

Because of the war, the number of insurgents have decreased by the day but many soldiers have fallen as well. The list of these men and women soldiers continue to go on due to the battle against the Islamic State supporters Maute group. President Rodrigo Duterte had honored the 45 brave soldiers who passed away due to the battle. He said: “It is my honor to express my deepest admiration and gratitude for your fallen comrades who put themselves on the line to keep our country safe and strong… Your valiant efforts will not go unnoticed. The country and people are forever grateful to our brave soldiers.”



One of the fallen soldiers is Frederick Savellano. According to one of the netizens close to this brave soldier, Jordan Macasias, he was the one who led his entire company when they recovered the machine guns from the Maute group. The said guns and armors with amount of around Php 79 million cash and checks. That was a crucial time for the military since this is said to be a big loss of funds and armor for the rebels. However, it is unfortunate that one of our heroes, 1Lt Frederick Savellano, fell in the battle. He passed away last June 9. Along with him, 12 others have fallen.



Savellano hails from Antipolo City and is the Company commander for the 37th Marine Company, Marine Battalion Langding Team 7. He was a graduate of the US Marine Officer Basic Course. According to the reports, he was schedule to get married this year. Unfortunately, he was not able to make it. Because of the unfortunate incident, netizens paid respects to the soldier! The great man deserves everyone’s salute for leading the team. The Facebook post was filled with condolences and showered with salutes to the gallant soldier. From Cheesms, we our extending our deepest condolences to the family of the fallen soldier Frederick Savellano – and to the families of the other 44 soldiers who fought for the country’s peace and order.

It is definitely a sad story. What can you say about this brave soldier? Share us your comments below!


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