LOOK: Names of Resorts World Manila Casualties, Revealed

Image from Valenzuela City Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Office

Resorts World Manila has released the list of 35 victims who passed away early Friday morning after a lone gunman attacked the casino complex.


According to the findings, the victims were suffocated after a thick smoke emerged inside the leisure complex, the bodies were discovered trapped in comfort rooms and other parts of the second floor of the hotel casino. The list of names included 13 staff and 22 guests. As of the moment, 2 of the staff members and 4 of the guests have not been identified.

Most of the victims were suffocated due to thick smoke and their bodies were found trapped in comfort rooms and other corners of the 2nd floor.

The list released by Resorts World included 13 staff and 22 guests. Two of the staff and four of the guests remain unidentified. The gunman was found charred in one of the hotel rooms.



  1. Hazel Yangco
  2. Jellah Ramos
  3. Melvin Herrera
  4. Arvi Gavino
  5. BJ Pagsibigan
  6. Rojie S Uy
  7. Jessica Alindogan
  8. Merylle Gwen Ala
  9. Lea Grace Mozo
  10. Loudette Santos
  11. Kay Nugerra


  1. Caccam Katherine Cervantes
  2. P Ling Hung Lee
  3. Pacita Guillermo Comquilla
  4. Pomenciano Vargas Jr.
  5. Susan Abulencia
  6. Lai Wei Chung
  7. Jaime Gaboy Jr.
  8. Ariel Abrogar
  9. Lai Yu Cheeh
  10. Cliff Reyneira
  11. Rolando Pena Sison
  12. Eluterio Reyes
  13. Antonina Yuzon Allanigue
  14. Sheila Malicse
  15. Carmelita Taylo Delacruz
  16. Mielle Oliveros
  17. Pamela Silvestre
  18. Elizabeth Gonzales

On the other hand, the management of the posh casino-hotel vowed to give assistance to the families of the victims.

“We’ll be extending all the assistance we can possibly can to the victims and their families,” said Stephen Reilly, Resort World’s chief operating officer. “We appeal for your understanding and consideration. The company mourns with the families.”



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