Fallen Soldier in Marawi Clash Last Words: “Pa, pray for me!” Before Getting Shot

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Army corporal Angelo Estores Jr. was one of the soldiers who fought against the Maute group in the Marawi clash held last May 25. At the age 25, he is already a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) 5th mechanized battalion. With only him and a few others left in their group, he tried to get ammunition, a caliber from one fallen comrade but ended up getting shot as well. Before he got shot, though, he was in a call with his father. And his last words… “Pa, please pray for me!” Find out the entire story below.

In his last conversation with his father last May 25, Estores said:  “Pa, pray o ako, murag dili na madayon akong kasal, tulo na lang mi nabilin ang siyam patay na.” [Pa, pray for me, my wedding might not push through. Only three of us are left here, nine of my comrades are down.]


Estores, Jr. called his faher who was a survivor of the Jolo siege, a retired soldier. His father gave him an advice: “Jun, kung na-trap ka ayaw ug gawas kung walay reinforcement.” The retired soldier told his son not to go out for battle until the reinforcement comes. However, his last message is that he is crawling towards a 50-caliber while the Maute group is firing them with RPG. At that point, his officer is down already and he doesn’t have any more ammunition.

However, his father did not know it would be the last time he would be in contact with his son before passing away. Now that he realized it, he became very emotional of their farewell – both of them are country’s servicemen who provide security and safety for the Filipinos.

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