Say Goodbye to #LABORacay and hello to #LaBALER #La(bor)Union #LaBalesin – Emerging Tourist Spots this Long Weekend!

We all know that Boracay is such a paradise! What a sight to behold – the fine sand and the night parties! It’s just a different level of orgasm out there.

For years, our May 1 social media timelines are flocked with sun-skinned bodies and beaches with the tag #Laboracay – but this year it’s quite different. It seems like people found several other options suited for their travel vacation.

For people who don’t want too much interaction, a peaceful getaway would suffice and that’s probably the reason why there are three destinations which became a haven for travelers, tourists and backpackers this long weekend. And like Boracay, these destinations can equally give them the rest and relaxation they need before going back to their busy lives in the metro!


Yes, this time, Luzon is the center of attraction and people have grown a little thrifty these days so land travel with equally satisfying travel adventure would make up for a formidable vacation. Baler is not exactly a paradise, it is a second-class municipality in Aurora accessible by land travel via bus or private vehicle.

The town is mostly covered with forest with pure coast on the side. You’ll be amazed at how Baler transformed from a historical siege spot to a town known for killer waves. Lots of surfers travel to Sabang Beach for amateur and pro surfers.


Aside from its colorful history, Baler is known for the Pacific waves, wind surfing, snorkeling and diving. For water lovers, this is surely a sweet destination for you to go to! There’s Dicasalarin Bay, Digisit Beach and Lukso-lukso Islets. For diving, Borlongan Beach is the place to be!

Get in touch with nature as its forests is home to the largest balete tree in Asia – one of the oldest as well, with 600 years of age. Baler’s coasts is definitely extraordinary. You will fall in love with Dibut Bay as well as the sight of cliffs and rock formations surrounding the province.

#La(bor) Union


Let’s omit the #LABORacay vibe with the best surfing spot in the country. Just miles up north is La Union, a haven for professional surfers as the rushing waves and tides are there! San Juan, La Union is definitely the place for water activities.

la-union-san-juanSan Juan is actually the fifth longest coastline in the world. It is also home to Brgy. Urbiztondo, the entry point for all surfaholics in the Ilocos area. Another reason for beginners to love La Union as a surfing hub is its less pricey packages even for trainings, which they willingly give to just about anyone.

La Union is also home to hand crafts and pottery is one thing you’d wish to check out when you go here. They have the famous dalikan, a red clay and soil cooking pot from where the locals prepare and cook their food with.#LaBalesinbalesinAnd if you have money to spend, there’s a chill, serene place like Balesin Island – one that would really give you time to reflect on the year it has been, the months that passed and how you’d want to manage your future. Balesin gives you an avenue to find retreat. It’s also best for family travels. The catch? Membership is around three million bucks.In there, you’ll find just about any other recreational facility in the metro – only you get the best seats, best attention to nature. You can live your life like in the metro, enjoying the rays of the sun, the wind rushing through your face – without the noise of the urban, the sweat and the day to day struggle in public transport. They have tennis courts, basketball courts, majestic views of the coastline and the Pacific. They have aquatic sports such as snorkeling, water skiing, cat sailing and win surfing. Jog around, trek – it’s one hell of an island adventure for you and your family.



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