FB Messenger vs Snapchat? Facebook Slaying all their Competition!

FB Messenger Snapchat like transformation shocked a lot of people. Now, the Facebook Messenger integrated Snapchat features, with more powerful camera with filters and designs as well! It almost seems like they copied the entire Snapchat platform, add some Instagram story features and voilah – comes FB Messenger My Day.


FB Messenger vs Snapchat is on!

Wondering how FB Messenger Snapchat transformation looked like? See below:


It seems like Facebook is ready to eliminate competition. Doing this means users don’t need to download and use another app just to share snaps. Will this be Snapchat’s demise? We’ll find out soon.

FB Messenger vs Snapchat – is this the new battle?

So, what’s next? Will Twitter do the same thing like these other social media giants? We’ll find out soon.

So, how’s your experience so far? Share us your comments below!



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