INFO: Why INC Members Do Not Eat Dinuguan?

Whenever we go to travel in New Zealand, tour in Australia or check out various cheap hotels, affordable inns around the area, we try to check out what there is to see in a country. And one of the things we search about are their delicacies. The Philippines is known for their love for viands, meat and exquisite list of Pinoy foods that will surely make your stomach full. One of these delicacies that’s a staple favorite is Dinuguan. But one religion in the country forbids them to eat this, why? A lot of those who aren’t part of the church wonder so much why they are forbidden to eat blood. Even some go as far as saying, “its’s so delicious, they’re missing half of their lives!” But the reason? Find out here:


We all have our beliefs. Some of us belong to religious affiliations while some choose to serve God in their own personal ways. Been in the news lately, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or the Church of Christ have been subject of ridicule and hate after their 5-day-long EDSA barricade which left Filipinos from all walks life stuck in traffic, serving miserably long lines and enduring long walks just to arrive at their homes or workplace. Because of these, a lot of people ranted and misbehaved by showing their disgust to INC per se, without even understanding their beliefs and faith. While there may be a valid point for anger, it shouldn’t be the reason for people to call names and disrespect. After all, if you want to earn respect, you gain it from others, it’s not imposed, and it would be best to pay respect first yourself.

In this post of Batang David, he mentioned various citations from the bible to help us understand their doctrine regarding blood, and why they do not eat dinuguan.

So, are you satisfied with the explanation? At the end of this, all we can do is to respect their love for their faith and just understand why they believe in such doctrine. At least now we know about their dislike for their dinuguan. The next time you set them on the table, you’ll know it’s not your cooking. It’s just like Moslems dealing with pork and meat being served in front of them all of the time.



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  1. tama po yan, yan ay nasususlat sa mga banal na kasulatan …

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