Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Grads with Salaries Around Php 20,000

It’s that time of the year again! Happy graduation and congratulations to all fresh graduates!

Looking for your first job may require a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. Truth is, there are a lot of job vacancies in the ‘real world’ however, competition is the one that makes job-hunting a difficult task. You have to compete with thousands of eager and other qualified applicants.

To provide you some information about the compensation fresh graduates usually have, here is the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs for the fresh graduates from JobStreet Philippines.

  1. IT/Computer Software – P23,949
  2. IT/Computer Network/System/Database Admin – P23,080
  3. Technical and Helpdesk Support – P22,289
  4. IT/Computer Hardware – P21,317
  5. Corporate Finance/Investment/Merchant Banking – P21,345
  6. Law/Legal Services – P21,301
  7. Telesales/Telemarketing (Sales) – P20,966
  8. Nurse/Medical Support Assistant (Healthcare) – P20,588
  9. Engineering/Technical/IT (Sales) – P20,265
  10. Electronics/Communications Engineering – P19,343

Topping the list are in the fields of IT/Computer. Software includes positions such as security assistant, net developer and android developer. Network/System/Database Admin positions include IT Helpdesk staff, system administrator and IT assistant. Technical and Helpdesk support are those in the call centers/BPOs. IT/Computer Hardware are those who work as technical assistants, data center system operator in telecommunications, IT and banking companies, it also includes computer hardware troubleshooter.

Investment associates, accounting assistants and those with similar job descriptions fall under the field of Finance. Law/Legal services are those with job descriptions in the legal aid and field.

Sales and Engineering also made it to Jobstreet’s top 10 list of jobs for the newly grads with high salaries. These include logistics, healthcare, transportation, real estate, telecommunications, nurse and other medical/health related positions, electrical and communications engineering.

It is to be noted that the data came from Jobstreet PH. The information came from their partner companies. Thru the list, you can get an idea on what to expect when hunting a job in relation with the above enumerated fields.



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