After Mary Jane Veloso, Rose Dacanay Policarpio in Death Row in Saudi Arabia

Just last April 29, the entire Philippines rejoiced as Mary Jane Veloso was reprieved from the death row, as investigation with her illegal recruiter who ‘landed her a job’ in Malaysia, eventually showed up. But her story is just one out of eighty-eight Filipinos who are in death row all over the world.

Saudi Arabia Domestic Helper Job to being the suspect

Rose Dacanay Policarpio, who was charged with murder in 2013, is next in line in the death row in Saudi Arabia. Allegedly, she killed her Lebanese employer but she’s still insisting that she’s innocent. According to her account, it was three men who broke into their house. These three men tried to rape her. Fortunately, she fought back and was able to escape. The three unidentified men killed their employer.

However, authorities went on the scene and saw Policapio with the dead Lebanese employer. This made her the immediate suspect for the killing. According to her mother, she already received information that Rose is indeed next in line on the death row, but still, there’s no confirmation from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, spokesperson Charles Jose of DFA announed that out of the 88 death row cases, half are due to illegal drug trafficking – one of which is the case of Mary Jane Veloso. Most of those facing death outside the country are in China and Malaysia. He said that DFA is aware and are acting on saving them from death row.

Last December 2014, Carlito Lana was beheaded in Saudi Arabia as he was found guilty shooting Nasser Al-Gahtani. An unidentified Filipina was executed in China in July 2013 as well after being arrested in January 2011. Aside from her, Sally Ordinario Villanueva, Elizabeth Batain and Ramon Credo were also executed in China in 2011.



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