WATCH: Yassi Pressman Despacito Performance Trends!

Actress Yassi Pressman impressed a lot of people online after her Despacito dance performance was released.


On YouTube, a clip of  Yassi Pressman’s performance, dancing along with Arjo Atayde, which was held at KIA Theatre was uploaded by Viva Entertainment. In the said video, the “Princess of the Dance Floor”, Yassi Pressman, fired the stage up and gave her all-out performance. Viva Entertainment captioned the video:  “Watch her sizzling hot dance grooves!”


Many Youtube subscribers were amazed by her talent and gave their comments about her performance. Here are some:

“Grabe ang galing ni Yassi, multi-talented, ang sexy pa at ang ganda!” wrote B. “Yassi, she’s so great! Multi-talented, sexy and very beautiful.”

“Finally, a performance that can show Yassi’s versatility in dancing! She totally nailed it! She never fails to maintain eye contact with the audience regardless of how difficult the dance routine is. She brings out a different aura when she starts to dance. I can’t explain it! Go, Yassi!” according to a certain JM.

“Yassi! She’s most beautiful when she dance,” JC commented.

As of the moment, the video is “#3 on Trending”. Watch it here:



How about you? Do you think Yassi Pressman is really good in this Despacito dance number? Share us your comments below!



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