WATCH: Raffy Tulfo Walks Out as Mother Begs Forgiveness from Son (VIDEO)

Image captured from Facebook video via Raffy Tulfo in Action


Raffy Tulfo always strike us with a firm stance and tough face – but not a lot of people know that this guy has a soft heart, especially when it comes to his family. Moreover, he also empathizes for families that have been going through tough times themselves. And that is why, in one episode of his TV5 show, “Raffy Tulfo in Action”, we saw the softer side of the broadcast journalist, who met a mother longing for her son begging for the latter to come back to their home.

Twenty-year old Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal had to be taken out of their home as tenants of their rented apartment complained of his attitude against his mother. His mother, Edna Dingal, asked for help from Raffy Tulfo to talk to her son, so that he would return his way back to their home. However, the son is too hard-headed, even no longer acknowledging that Edna is his mother. Edna, for her part, can’t help but ask for help and forgiveness from his son, so that she can explain what really happened why she was not able to “take care of her son” while she was away to become an OFW.


Little did Ewu Joseph know, his mother became a victim of a modus outside the country. At that time when she was an OFW, she couldn’t go back to the Philippines once when Joseph got sick, since her passport was held by the agency and the enforcement kept her at bay. According to the son, he holds grudge to her mother because she wasn’t there when she needed her, especially when he got sick. Raffy helped Edna talk to her son, but it was pointless – Joseph is stubborn and his tone of voice and words really seemed like he isn’t going to budge. When his mother tried to explain, he hung up the phone.

Edna kept on crying, asking help from Raffy that maybe he can solve their family problem. Edna cited that Edward even prefers his girlfriend’s mother than her, saying her son did not even greet her for her birthday and mother’s day. Edna cried and beg for his son’s love, respect and forgiveness, saying he’s the only one she’s left with and that she loves him so much. Because of this, Raffy Tulfo walked out after witnessing such a heart-breaking scene and he can’t help Edna with it. Watch the video below:


Mothers’ care is what we always need, even at the times of trouble. They will do anything for their kids, the best for their children’s well-being. We are hoping that Edward would realize that he is so fortunate that he has a loving mother, who even foregone being an OFW so that she can be with her son in the Philippines. He just doesn’t grasp the extent of sacrifice and love she had endured so he could be brought up well in this world. So, his mother deserves the same love, respect and care – even so much more.


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