[VIDEO] What Happened to Nikki Gil After Getting Married? Watch Here!

Image captured from Nikki Gil Instagram account.

Nikki Gil will be forever remembered as the beautiful girl who handed out Coca-cola drinks while singing in a commercial that became the anthem of every single 90’s kid during those days. She even sang the Vaseline commercial jingle, “Glowing Inside” which became a staple graduation song during that year.

Through ups and downs, Gil never looked back and just became positive with her life. If you are one  of her fans, you already know how hard she went through after she broke up with Billy Joe Crawford, and how the latter preferred a younger, more adventurous It’s Showtime! co-host Coleen Garcia over her.


After the said issue, Nikki Gil slowly went out of the limelight and after a few months, she finally revealed how happy she was as she got engaged to her non-celebrity BF, now husband BJ Albert. It became a surprise to everyone but the couple got married immediately, November 2015. Because of this, she decided to leave ASAP on ABS-CBN. They went to Maldives for their honeymoon. But it didn’t stop there… it seems Nikki Gil found her the one… and true happiness is what she’s having right now! Turn to the next page to find out what happened to Nikki Gil after marriage?




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