[VIDEO] “The Korean Adele” Trends Online; Her ‘Adele’ – like Voice Will Amaze You!

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Adele is a very popular British singer-songwriter that have won the hearts of many through her deep, well-written songs, as well as excellent depiction of emotions from her performances worldwide. Wouldn’t it be great if you would be compared to Adele, more so, if people think you have similar voice with this phenomenal singer? Well, this young lady from Korea trended online after a video of her singing Adele’s song was published. Her performance definitely sent shockwaves to those who watched it, especially for the fans of Adele.


On FacebookOndemandkorea – English shared the video of the young singer’s performance with the caption: “Her voice is giving me goosebumps. You have to listen to this perfromance.” As of this moment, the video has already acquired 2 million views with around 61,000 shares. Netizens can’t help but comment the similarity of her voice with Adele’s. One of the fans even said they do not need to go to an Adele concert because this one’s real! If you want, you can compare Adele’s version and hers, and then decide for yourself.

Check out Adele’s rendition here:


Watch the video here…



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