[VIDEO] Sue Ramirez Admits: My “Super Crush” Kapamilya Actor is…

Sue Ramirez has remained to be relevant for the past years. Despite not having so much main on-screen projects, she managed to get projects that suit her skills and talents.


That is why, even if she’s not at par with her contemporaries in terms of teleseryes or movies, Sue Ramirez shines and glows and is one of the more popular young artists in the Kapamilya network. Aside from her acting prowess, Sue Ramirez is known to be a good singer and dancer. She is one of the future stars of ABS-CBN. With beauty and sizzling body to boot, she will definitely be a big star someday.  is a Kapamilya actress and one of the most popular young artists in showbiz industry. She was admired by a lot of people not just because of her beauty and her sizzling hot body because she’s talented.


She effortlessly captivates everyone around her. That is the reason why it is  not surprising that people would take interest on her personal life. She gained attention once again when she revealed something about herself. She said that she loves guys with personality and those with manly features as well, in terms of physicality. In one of her exclusive interviews, Sue Ramirez revealed that her ultimate Kapamilya super crush is no other than…




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