[VIDEO] Maureen Wroblewitz, Philippines’ Rep in Asia’s Next Top Model, Got Bullied, Insulted: But Revenge is Sweeter… Find Out Why!

Image captured from Maureen Wroblewitz' Instagram and ASNTM

Maureen Wroblewitz is a newbie model, who challenged herself to maximize her potentials and opportunities given to her. So, when the Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 announced for auditions, she immediately tried her luck.


However, she did not expect that after making it to the final cast, she will be treated harshly by the girls around her. In fact, in the latest episode of AsNTM, the remaining six girls were in the lunch table, and the other girls didn’t bat an eye in telling her what they think of her.

On the video uploaded by Starmometer on Youtube, three girls made a plan to confront Maureen. They told  her she doesn’t deserve to be on the top 6. Indonesia’s bet Clara Tan, specifically told Maureen she’s not strong enough to be in the Top 5: “I want to compete with strong models. You only have a pretty face with no skills. Pretty face can’t bring it to Top 5.”


All the three models felt their experience in the modeling world make them more qualified than Maureen Wroblewitz who is just 18 and is currently a student in De La Salle University. One of the girls also said that “Maureen is not my level.” insinuating that Wroblewitz is just there because she has a gorgeous face.

While the Filipina model was clearly downed and discouraged, she ignored their comments on her. She told them that it’s not for them to call if it’s in or out in the Top 5. She managed to pull through and throw what happened to the garbage can and kept her cool.



In one of the photoshoot challenges this week, it was shown how she lacked confidence. The photographer, Yu Tsai, told her he knows she has a lot of creativity and that she has a lot of ideas, so she just really needs to focus. Eventually, she pulled herself back to her normal state after the photographer encouraged her. When it is time to face the judges, Wroblewitz was a bit worried and wasn’t so sure if she did a really good job.


Her face didn’t look confident but the judges told her that she slayed this week’s competition. Yu Tsai said: “I was so impressed by you. Your face came laser-focused. At one point I didn’t say anything, I just had to shut up. You have what it takes to be an amazing, amazing model,” Tsai told her during the deliberation. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Maureen got the best photo and Clara and the rest of her bullies were shut and pissed as it is the best revenge ever!



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