[VIDEO] Did Rayver Cruz Intentionally Rub His Private Part to Angeline Quinto? Watch This!

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Angeline Quinto is known for her versatility in singing and acting. In terms of performing, she really does everything she can to entertain her audience. In one of her production numbers, however, an unexpected physical contact happened – it was awkward. Find out what happens!


Performers and artists always hope that nothing would go wrong, especially during live shows. They do all the checks and inspect the stunt, choreography and tools to make sure that everything will go the way they want it. However, there are situations when unexpected things fall and worse, you need to go on since it’s live.

Angeline Quinto experienced that with her prod number with Rayver Cruz. The brilliant singer was being lifted by Cruz in one of the steps but the next thing really made it all awkward. It seems that Rayver rubbed his private part at the back of Angeline Quinto. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Quinto still made a calm yet comedic face to go about what transpired.


Situations like that of the case of Quinto and Rayver Cruz happen all the time. This time, it happened during one of her concerts, “Birit Queens” with Klarisse de Guzman, Jona and Morissette Amon. Angeline was visibly shocked when she felt Rayver Cruz’ private part rubbing her back. So, she couldn’t help but look at her co-artist once more. But her professionalism in the incident made it more special, she acted as if nothing happened.

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