Soxie Topacio, 65, Passes Away from Lung Cancer

Soxie Topacio, film and theater director, one of the most respected ones in the entertainment industry, has passed away. This was confirmed by Zarah, his niece Friday, July 21, 2017.

Soxie Topacio is one of the most talented directors and actors, especially in the theater scene. His contributions in film and TV industry  will always be remembered.

Here is a confirmation from MJ Felipe on Twitter:


According to Zarah, the cause of Soxie Topacio‘s sudden passing is lung cancer. PETA colleagues and relatives were there in his last breath. On Thursday night, Topacio was brought to the De Los Santos Medical Center and at that time was not responsive anymore.


Who is Soxie Topacio?

Socrates Hernandez Topacio left his mark in PETA. His invaluable contribution in the Philippine Educational Theater Association for his numerous productions will surely live on.


As per ABS-CBN report, he also starred in films such as “Mag-toning Muna Tayo,” “Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo!” and “Bwakaw.” He also spearheaded the theater adaptation of Lino Brocka’s acclaimed film “Bona.”

His latest project is the highly acclaimed drama-comedy film “Ded na si Lolo,” selected as the Philippine entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards in 2010.


Watch his interview here:




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