PHOTOS: Perfume Millionaire Joel Cruz Shows His Third Set of Twins

Image from Joel Cruz FB

Aficionado is a famous Filipino perfume brand and the rich millionaire behind the fragrance company is no other than Joel Cruz. He has this habit of raising kids on his own. With his fame and wealth, this is his way to give back and return the blessings! He started with a set of twins – and now, he finally shared the third set of twins he had from a very unconventional approach for child brith! Check out the photos below!


Joel Cruz shared on Facebook, the snap of himself, cradling the two new babies – both he named as royals Prince Charles and Princess Charlotte. The fragrance mogul adds another twin to the Cruz growing family. His first twins were named Prince Sean and Princess Synne, while the second pair are two males – Prince Harry and Prince Harvey.

So, how were they conceived? It was through in-vitro fertilization that these twins were birthed from the same surrogate mother. The twins – Prince Charles and Princess Charlotte, were born in Russia last May 25th.






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