MRT Janitors Salary: Php 83,000 per month?

Today, a lot of people endured long lines at the Metro Rail Transit or MRT stations due to less trains and slower speed of trains. However, this would be the least of the things you would expect, when you find out what is embedded in the contract of the MRT 3 service provider.


Upon careful scrutiny of the MRT 3 contract with the service provider, Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI), Partylist representative Jericho Nograles pointed out that the cleaners of the new trains for the MRT, earn Php 83,566 per month. Is this true?

According to the lawmakers, the contract that was approved by the former Department of Transportation Communication (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya should be stopped as soon as possible.



According to the contract, it appropriates P18,050,000 to six workers tasked to clean the 43 LRV trains for three years. That means they are paid Php 6,016,800 per year, in total. If you would compute this, the salary of the workers is higher than the P40,000.00 to P60,000.00 per month earned by bank managers or the P83,000.00 earned by government’s Director II as per an Abante Tonite story.




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