LOOK: Claudine Barretto Filed Charges against Her Baby Quia’s Basher

Image from Viva
  • Like any mother, Claudine Barretto is very protective of her kids.
  • That is why when a rude netizen verbally attacked her daughter, Baby Quia, all her defenses are up.
  • Now, she made concrete steps to make sure that the rude netizen or any other netizen never does that sort of thing again.


Like any mother, Claudine Barretto is very protective of her children. That is why you wouldn’t want to mess with anyone like her. If they find out, you’ll definitely get in trouble. Huge trouble, especially if you’re talking against a celebrity mom like Claudine Barretto.

Knowing for her callous fights, especially those who maltreated and bullied her kids, Claudine Barretto threatened even her relatives when they gave negative opinions about her children.




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