Adriana Lima, Most Valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel, Gets Married to Herself!

Image captured from Adriana Lima Instagram

Adriana Lima, known to be the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel, does not need a partner or a significant other to live her life comfortably. That is why the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel decided to get married… to herself.


Yes, you go that right! Adriana Lima is no more single – but she has gotten married! On her recent Instagram pronouncement, she revealed the news declaring she is already committed and “married” to herself. She then shows off her marriage ring. She posted on Instagram with the following caption: “Whats up with the ring? Its symbolic, I am committed to myself and my own happiness I am married with me,” “Ladies love yourself and yes I am single.”


Technically, Adriana Lima is still single, but is this her way of telling guys to back off and she’s exclusive? Some people really want to be alone and marry themselves. That is called sologomy, and it seems like Adriana Lima is an advocate of that.

Born June 12, 1981, Adriana Lima is currently 36 years old. The Brazilian model and actress is most popularly known as the longest-running Victoria’s Secret Angel. She started in 1999 and was lauded as the most valuable angel in 2017. Since 2003, she had become the spokesmondel for Maybelline cosmetics and has momentous Kia Motors and Super Bowl commercials under her belt. Her claim to fame was when she won Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil at the age of 15.


Adriana Lima was married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric for five years but in 2014, they decided to split up. He also had a recent fallout from her Super Bowl-winning boyfriend Julian Edelman and also dated Matt Harvey, Mets’ pitcher.

Here is one of her iconic Super Bowl commercials:



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