Xian Gaza Responds about His Dark Past on Scamming, Stalking

Xian Gaza earned the ire of netizens after his grand coffee date proposal to Erich Gonzalez. A lot of people raised eyebrows, especially those who have dealt with him with his previous ventures and businesses. The sketchy networking CEO allegedly scammed a lot of people and stalked a lot of several celebrities. Among those were Liza Soberano, Ella Cruz and recently, Erich. Because of this, he posted a response on his Facebook post regarding all the accusations about him. Full story below:


Here is his response with regard to accusations made by Dewanie on Twitter:


Please allow me to clean my name over the allegations of Ms. Dewanie Kim Catapang against me.

Yes with full humility ay inaamin ko pong sumablay and hindi nag-materialize ang The Haiyan Shirt Project and unintentionally compromised a number of people including Ms. Dewanie, a number or models, my 4 employees namely Karen, RM, Syd and Rye, Mr. Julius, Mr. Guise and the videography team, Ms. Christine of Print2Go Davao, Ms. Chat and other supposedly distributors. I am very sorry to all of you. It was a pure failure with the no fraudulent act involved. I hope you can all forgive me one day over this failure.

Nakakapagtaka lang na bigla nalang sumabog sa social media and I was really so shocked kasi we are in a very good terms. You even applied for a professional traveller position last January 31, 2017 and even personally recommended you as the CEO, as shown in the images below. Alam kong ever since way before The Haiyan Shirt Project eh you are aspiring to be a social media famous model icon like Kendall, Gigi etc. and I wanna help you with my resources and connections so you can money out of it. Then pagputok ng #CoffeeWithErich billboard and so with my name ay bigla na akong scammer eventhough you acknowledged my legitimacy way before? Bakit ganoon? What happened?


Yes inaamin ko I did flirt with you through text messages for a very short period of time pero hindi ako saiyo na-linked Dewanie and kilala ng lahat kung kanino sa isang Haiyan Shirt model I got romantically involved with. Hindi ikaw yun alam mo yan. Mauunawaan ko kung siya ang gumawa ng revelation and I will humbly bow down publicly and admit it. Bakit ganoon dati-rati para lang akong tae sainyong lahat sa Davao na dine-deadma ninyo? Ngayon that I got linked na with some few names and somehow in great position sa buhay ko and sa society ay publicly declared ng mga ‘nilandi’ ko na kayong lahat before. Why?

Sobrang sakit lang for me that you all executed a highly organized black propaganda storm against me na pag-tweet mo ay iba’t ibang influential pages ang nag-screenshot agad including the page of Ms. MJ Lastimosa at nasintensiyahan ng buong publiko ng walang kalaban-laban. Obviously masterplanned and a syndicated one. My character was highly assassinated literal ng lahat ng tao. Para niyo na kong pinatay at kung mahina-hinang tao eh tiyak ay nag-siuicide na.


Dewanie, I know that you’re a very good and very talented person. Alam kong there are these few people behind you na galit na galit sa akin at mga naiwan ko sa ere before diyan sa Davao City. They are all using you now na pang-atake against me given na alam ng lahat na that you are an untouchable one given your prominent father na mismong ako ay tinitingala ko at nirerespeto siya. Yes I made broken promises and false hopes in the past na pinagsisisihan ko pero besides ng lahat ng iyon ay alam mong isa akong mabuting tao at hindi scammer. Nakakalungkot lang ng sobra that I was crucified by the public because of your tweets and that the worst possible damage has been done already at walang sinumang ang makakapagbalik pa nito. Sobrang hirap at sakit lang sa part ko. May God bless you Dewanie.

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