Jovit Baldivino Ex-GF Shara Chavez Reveals Singer is Cheater, Abusive

Jovit Baldivino is a famous Filipino singer, who rose to fame when he won the first season of Pilipinas Got Talent. While the singer is still active with his singing career, he faded from the scene for the past years. The most recent news about the reality show winner is that she already has a girlfriend, Shara Chavez and that they already have a child together. However, news broke out today that Shara posted on Facebook that Jovit Baldivino is allegedly cheating on her. Read the full story below:

Check out the thread posted by his girlfriend here:


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It seems that Jovit Baldivino is trending for the wrong reasons this time. It seems like the mother of his child and Jovit’s GF had enough of his cheating ways. According to her Facebook post, a fan of the famous singer has gotten closer to Jovit and Shara Chavez did not budge in speaking her mind. Jealous of the woman, Shara Chavez wa also once a fan whom Jovit invited to join him on stage. She then called the fan “Home Wrecker of the Year” and alleged her as Baldivino’s mistress. She pointed out that the two were seen sweet with each other in one of the singer’s FB live. According to her, Jovit deleted it out right when he found out that Shara was watching it.




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