WATCH: Alden Richards Reacts on ‘Binatang Ama’ Issue

Image from 24 Oras

Alden Richards, one of the most popular stars of today, has already made his statement about rumors circulating online that he already has a child. According to the rumors, Alden Richards became a father before he entered showbiz.


Born Richard Faulkerson, Jr., Alden Richards started his showbiz career when he missed the opportunity to make it to the Top 14 of Starstruck. He then became a staple teen celebrity after that.

He gained prominence when he joined Eat Bulaga and was named “Bae ng Bayan.” His noontime series with Maine Mendoza became the household topic every single day in 2016, and “AlDub” became a trending topic worldwide.


This is the reason why a lot of rumors are circulating, detractors have been actively trying to malign Alden and destroy his image and credibility. So, here is what he said about the “binatang ama” issue.

The said interview happened during the story conference for his next movie project. According to him, he is very excited because he likes the story, the director and everything about the project! So, there, Alden fans, we can expect another one for the books! Watch out for it.



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