VIRAL: This Girl Posted Photo of the Guy Who Didn’t Pay after their Transaction

Image captured from Angielyn

A post went viral after a certain Angielyn published her photo with a guy, whom allegedly didn’t pay her after they were finished with their transaction. It turns out that Angielyn is actually a paid model, a ‘walker’ – whom guys hire for an hour or so of pleasure. The problem is when Angielyn went to the CR to clean her thing up, the guy wasn’t there upon her return.


The said post went viral after the netizen published it on her social media account. The certain guy, whom she was hugging, inside the hotel, was the guy who didn’t pay her for the one night stand. Here’s what she said in her post:

“Guys sino po nakakakilala ng lalaking ito? Siya po ung nag-avail sa akin last night pero di niya ako binayadan sabi niya magCR daw ako para maghugas pero pagkatapos ko wala na siya. Please help me po pamasahi lang binigay sa akin. Wag naman sana kayong ganyan kase di basta basta itong trabaho namin lahat dito sa club. Please lang po.”



On her Facebook account, she said: “Guys, do you know who this guy is? He availed of my services last night but he didn’t pay me. He told me to go to the CR to wipe off his man juice from my thing then when I went out of the CR, he wasn’t there any more. 1-2-3! Please help me because I was only given fare to go home. Please don’t do this to us because our work in the club is very hard. Please don’t treat us like this!

What do you think about this? Do you think she was just making up stories to become famous or is this a true story and people should sympathize this club worker?




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