[VIDEO] Buddhist Priest Watching P*rn in a Public Bus in Full Volume Goes Viral!

Image captured from Wittawat's FB

Any person who is caught watching p*rn inside a public vehicle can be embarrassing, what more if it is a person of authority – like for example, a government official? Or, in this case, a priest – a Buddhist priest for that matter! Check out this controversial story that really shocked a lot of Thai netizens and has become viral in social media recently. The said viral video made its rounds when Wittawat Wonghajuk, a 19-year-old student, captured it and posted it on his Facebook.


According to Wonghajuk, it was just a normal Saturday for him and he was on his way home to Nong Bua Lamphu province in Thailand, when he encountered a young monk, a naughty Buddhist priest – young man in monk’s clothing watching a p*rnographic clip with loud audio inside the bus. Take note, it was just 10 in the morning when he boarded the bus from Loei province and the Buddhist priest does not even mind getting caught.

On his Facebook account, he uploaded the video and shared it: “Help me share this clip. I can’t stand it.” The clip since then, went viral, angering a lot of netizens. They say it was staged while some people were appalled for the behavior of a monk – considered a spiritual authority for Thais as they are mostly Buddhists. Wonghajuk maintained that it was not staged and it was real, saying he saw the monk watching two people, without clothes, having an intercourse. What’s more shocking is that he is playing it at the loudest volume like he has no shame. Other passengers can hear it too.

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