This Video Went Viral Because of a ‘Ghost’ at the Window, But Netizens Noticed the Girl! Disturbing!

The video below has been trending online as it claims to have a ghost peeking at the window, but it seems like netizens failed to noticed that when they directed their attention over at the girl… why? What seems to be disturbing with this girl? Check it out! Watch the video and witness it yourself! Watch the video here:


Indeed, the video, which was posted by the Pinoy Viral X Facebook page elicited a lot of comments and reactions from netizens as they felt it was ‘too controversial’ for their liking. The video was captioned: “Nakakatakot may lumalabas na multo sa bintana, kawawa naman ung babae, wag kayo titingin sa baba sa bintana kayo tumingin.” [A ghost can be seen peeking from the window. The girl doesn’t even know! Don’t look below, check out the window, you fools!]

The video was intended to be a hairstyling tutorial recorded to be published for the benefit of girls wanting to stylize and glamorize their hair-do but the clip focused on the lower part and people got interested in it for a very particular reason. Watch the video here:


A lot of people contributed their comments in the hot topic, arguing that the real motive for the video is to showcase something else, and that is the reason why it is uploaded online. The entire 8-minute clip was branded as an act of ‘famewhoring’ by some netizens. As of this moment, it has garnered 130k views. It seems that the two girls really got what they want – popularity at all costs, even if they have to appear in a video without wearing their undergarments.

For girls out there, please take care of your body. Respect yourself and people will learn to give you respect and attention you deserve. You need to build a good image to achieve success in this life. Don’t go for things that are easy. Do you have any idea regarding the said post? Share it now to your friends!





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