This OFW Was Forced by Her Employer to Perform BJ, Asks for Help!

  • The life of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can be very hard.
  • But, Pinays like Marjorie wanted to provide for her family, so she takes the risk and fly to other countries to get a better job.
  • But what if when you work as an OFW, you get abused and maltreated – what would be your recourse? Check the full story below!

This Pinay named “Marjorie” is asking for help after she experienced a very wild request from her employer. According to her, she was forced by her male Saudi Arabian employer to perform an oral job. Marjorie told BITAG that her employer told her to “stimulate him orally” and she had no choice but to follow him. She was asking for help from BITAG, to free him from the employer.


However, Marjorie’s was not an isolated case. There are a lot of recorded violence and abuse from hiring countries such as those in the Middle East. A lot of people reconsider applying for countries such as Saudi Arabia because of the alarming rise of incidents like these from foreign employers. The said scenarios happen almost every time for domestic helpers and assistants, being hired in the Middle East countries. It is very unfortunate that the attempt to persevere of these OFW’s just to provide better lives for their family can put them in huge risks like these.


The said case of alleged abuse was brought to “BITAG” which was hosted by the Tulfo brothers Ramon and Erwin, premier TV hosts and journalists. They were very disappointed and are now working towards saving and rescuing the Pinay. She sought the assistance of the said program as she felt molested and used by her Arab employer.

Watching the video below, “Marjorie” is the victim of her male employer. She was asked to do him using her mouth. The said incident happened the entire duration she was staying at her boss’ abode. She also shared that despite being sick, her employers still made her do household chores and even heard them talking about selling her to other employers. This caused her to panic so she decided to ask for assistance from the authorities when she had the chance.

The agency who sent Marjorie to Middle East was called by BITAG and they filed necessary reports to document the case. The TV hosts were dismayed with that so they brought the issue to the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration or OWWA. Watch the video below to find their response:


Is it high time for the government to start thinking about stopping Filipinos to go to the Middle East? Or, should they focus on providing more jobs in the country so that people would not have thought of going to other countries and being servants of the foreigners just to earn a living? Are there enough jobs and employee benefits? Are there loans for those who are in need? Share your comments below!




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