This Girl Made Sandwiches Using Her Jelly

Sandwiches are the best! We always look forward to that summer day when all we do is to just spread jellies and peanut butter on our sandwiches and lay under the heat of the sun. It’s always a refreshing feeling to have your chef in Los Angeles or cook in New Jersey or house help in New York to prepare you the best and most awesome sandwiches they can pull off! How about you? Which type of sandwich do you want? I bet many prefer tuna sandwich and egg sandwich – but there are those who like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Well, this feminist blogger though brought it to the next level. How did she prepare her sandwiches? Find out here:


Well, this girl felt it was truly liberating as a woman to use her naturally occurring yeast from her private parts to make sourdough bread! At first, this sprang only from a joke with slightly perverse humor but Zoe Stavri didn’t budge, she’s very curious if she can really do it!

After all, sandwich dough is made from yeast, so why not feed her scientific mind and see if it actually works?

So everyone on her follower’s list was surprised, grossed out but at the same time intrigued if this experiment of using the yeast from her jelly to make sandwiches. Of course it’s successful! Yeast is yeast. Check how it panned out here:


So, when she proceeded to bake a sourdough loaf using her discharge yeast from the insides of her private part, she actually updated everyone live about the entire project with a hashtag – #cuntsourdough.

This girl didn’t wanna budge as she documented the procedures of baking – yes, with photos along with it! Of course, the followers were confused!

She explained what’s behind #cuntsourdough, Stavri said: Vaginas are full of naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, and when you get a yeast infection, you’ve got even more. [I] just wanted to see if it would work, because it might as well make itself useful.

The very controversial experiment got some people furious saying she’s confusing mental illness with feminism. But it seems like, she’s just curious about the experiment.



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