This Gay Man Asked this Boy to Help Him – Instead, He Abused Him!

Day after day, we see different cases of human rights abuse in the news. Most of the time, it involves women being raped, there’s even one story wherein her own father abused her. But this one is different – strange but still, needs attention from everyone. This boy just got home from school when this man who has a job as a hair stylist asked him to follow him and to help him with something, the kid didn’t know it would be a traumatic experience – check here:


Earlier the next day, the father of this kid noticed something weird happening to his son. The kid was complaining about pain in his back and bleeding. At first, they thought its just loose bowel movement, so they took him to the nearby hospital so doctors, healthcare professionals and nurses can attend to his concern.

But they were shocked to find out the results of the examination! They found wounds and lesions inside the kid’s hole. The doctors confirmed that he was penetrated by a hard object.

The kid confessed then that he was raped by the stylist. He then told his parents that the stylist gave him forty pesos and he just followed him in a vacant lot for ‘assistance.’


According to the neighbors, the said stylist is notorious to kids in the area and have been tagged as pedophile as a lot of elementary and high school students were rumored to have experienced the same.

As of the moment, the parents are determined to file charges against him but the stylist is still at large and nowhere to be found.




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