This Female Professional Dick Photographer Revealed Her Real Job, You Will Be Shocked!

Photography is a very interesting hobby. Having interest in taking the most captivating moments, stunning shapes and sizes – and seeing the art in every form can really make anyone impressed with their passion and devotion with their craft. Lots of men and women would want to be photographed by internationally-renowned professional photographers for their modeling jobs and photoshoots in different places around the world. Photography jobs in Japan, professional photography jobs in London, modeling jobs in France – just some of the target market of these shutters who love to play with different angles and poses. But this odd female professional photographer has a different inspiration, find out this wild, juicy motivation she has for her photoshoot:


Meet the first ever penis fashion photographer, Soraya Doolbaz. She calls herself a professional dick photographer, originally from Milan and now living her life in New York. Yes, she has a photography studio in US where she has a professional job in New York as a professional dick photographer.

She recalled that when she was still single, a lot of guys would send her photos of their tool and that she and her fellow shutterbugs would share them. So, she thought about taking them with professional camera and become a professional dick photographer New York. Check out the clip here for more details:


As she was walking to Walmart, she saw a couple of dolls and put these dresses and costumes together and make a personality out of their tools. So, when their girlfriends bring them to her, she’ll take photos of their tools in fashion! Bizarre, right? But it’s true!

Her works even got into an international exhibit in Miami! Awesome, right? You get paid for taking these wild pics! Just awesome! How about you? Do you want to be a popular professional dick photographer New York has to offer?




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