Starbucks Coffee: Live Fly, Hair Discovered in Customer’s Drink

Regular Starbucks customer Sergio Lee weighs in on the issue about the famous coffee shop. In fact, he even has a collection of Starbucks planners from years past. However, on January 5, when he went to the coffee shop after work and ordered Toffee Nut Frappucino in Starbucks BGC, in front of St. Lukes Hospital, here’s what happened:


After a day’s work, a sip of your favorite coffee would be the nicest thing ever. However, for Sergio Lee, he found out it could also be the ickiest ever. It was just a normal day when he decided to go for a coffee at the nearest store after work.

However, he realized that upon getting the coffee, there was a strand of hair and a live fly in his drink. He immediately reported the incident to the barista and had it changed. The barista from the coffee shop was very apologetic. However, he insisted that he wanted it to be documented and reported so people will know that things like these happen.

He also took a photo and posted it online. However, he was disappointed when Starbucks replied that someone contacted him, when in fact, no one actually messaged or called him. According to him, he was worried upon discovering another girl had similar case – this time, Starbucks with mouse inside it. Here’s the full video of the Starbucks coffee live fly incident:


Langaw at buhok sa kape?? hmmmmm!!!

Posted by Pinoy Citizens Crime Watch on Thursday, January 28, 2016

How about you – what do you think about Starbucks Coffee live fly issue? Do you think the coffee shop needs to recheck their healthy and safety standards? Should their operations be held?

Source: ABS-CBN



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