WATCH: RapBeh Viral Video Part 2, Available?

Is there really a RapBeh viral video Part 2? A lot of people were shocked when leading social media site RBreezy released the RapBeh scandal viral video which allegedly involves Claire Marielle Miralo aka Rapbeh and her partner Jhay Ar. There are reports that the girl in the video already took her own life because of depression. Haven’t watched the video yet? Check here:


The said Rapbeh viral video became a big hit in social media, not only in Facebook but also in other platforms. Rbreezy was the site that uploaded the viral video. It is still unknown how they were able to recover it.

However, there are some people who have been hinting that there is actually a Part 2 of the Rapbeh Viral Video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it here:


Do you think it’s Rapbeh in the said video? Is she really the one in the alleged Rapbeh Viral Video part 2? Was RBreezy right when they released the Rapbeh scandal? Share us your comments and thoughts below!



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